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SF Weekly
Movie Review: Adult Life Skills 01/16/19
Movie Review: Cold War 01/16/19
Movie Review: Stan & Ollie 01/09/19
Movie Review: The Aspern Papers 01/09/19
2018 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour 01/02/19
Movie Review: The World Before Your Feet 12/26/18
2018’s Most Bingeworthy TV Shows 12/26/18
Year in Film: The 10 Best Movies of 2018 12/19/18
Year in Film: Looking for Hope from Frostbite Falls to Emerald City 12/19/18
Year in Film: 2018 Movie Moments You Might Have Missed 12/19/18
Movie Review: Mary Poppins Returns: Don’t Spoil It With Questions 12/19/18
Movie Review: The Quake 12/12/18
Movie Review: Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki 12/12/18
Movie Review: People’s Republic of Desire 12/05/18
Movie Review: Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes 12/05/18
Movie Review: Shirkers 11/28/18
Movie Review: Searching for Ingmar Bergman 11/28/18
Movie Review: Chef Flynn 11/20/18
Movie Review: Hale County This Morning, This Evening 11/20/18
The French Had a Name For It 2018 11/15/18
Movie Review: Burning 11/15/18
Movie Review: The Great Buster: A Celebration 11/07/18
Movie Review: Monrovia, Indiana 11/07/18
Movie Review: The Filmmaker 11/01/18
Movie Review: In Search of Greatness 11/01/18
Movie Review: Wings of Desire 10/24/18
Movie Review: The War at Home 10/24/18
Movie Review: The Guilty 10/17/18
San Francisco International Festival of Short Films 2018 10/17/18
Movie Review: Studio 54 10/10/18
Movie Review: Free Solo 10/10/18
Movie Review: The Church 10/04/18
Movie Review: 306 Hollywood 10/04/18
Movie Review: Science Fair 09/26/18
Movie Review: Hal 09/26/18
Movie Review: The Song of Sway Lake 09/20/18
Movie Review: Lizzie 09/20/18
Movie Review: American Chaos 09/12/18
Legacy Film Festival on Aging 2018 09/12/18
Movie Review: Let the Corpses Tan 09/05/18
SF Green Film Festival 2018 09/05/18
Bakshi-esque Je Ne Sais Quoi, at the Japan Film Festival 08/30/18
Movie Review: John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection 08/30/18
Movie Review: Rodents of Unusual Size 08/30/18
Movie Review: Madeline’s Madeline 08/23/18
Movie Review: Support the Girls 08/23/18
Movie Review: Skate Kitchen 08/15/18
Movie Review: The Captain 08/15/18
Movie Review: The Atomic Cafe 08/08/18
Movie Review: Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood 08/08/18
Movie Review: Love, Cecil 08/01/18
Movie Review: The Third Murder 08/01/18
Movie Review: Milford Graves Full Mantis 07/26/18
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 37, Week Two 07/26/18
Movie Review: Poor Boy 07/18/18
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 37, Week One 07/18/18
Movie Review: Ava 07/11/18
Movie Review: The Misandrists 07/11/18
Movie Review: Jim Gaffigan: Noble Ape 07/11/18
Movie Review: The King 07/05/18
Movie Review: That Summer 07/05/18
Movie Review: Sorry to Bother You 07/05/18
Movie Review: Boundaries 06/28/18
Movie Review: Damsel 06/28/18
Movie Review: The Most Unknown 06/28/18
Movie Review: Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist 06/20/18
Movie Review: Frameline 42, Week Two 06/20/18
Movie Review: Mrs. Hyde 06/14/18
Movie Review: Nancy 06/14/18
Movie Review: Hearts Beat Loud 06/14/18
Movie Review: The Texture of Falling 06/14/18
Movie Review: Frameline 42, Week One 06/14/18
Movie Review: Bernard and Huey 06/06/18
Movie Review: Filmworker 06/06/18
17th SF DocFest, Week Two 06/06/18
17th SF DocFest, Week One 05/30/18
San Francisco Silent Film Festival 2018 05/30/18
Movie Review: Discreet 05/30/18
Ticket, Torrent, Stream It: The Films of Summer 2018 05/30/18
Movie Review: The House of Tomorrow 05/23/18
Movie Review: Always at the Carlyle 05/23/18
Movie Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story 05/23/18
Movie Review: Dark Crimes 05/16/18
Movie Review: Beast 05/16/18
Movie Review: Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat 05/16/18
CAAMFest 2018, Week Two 05/16/18
Movie Review: Terminal 05/10/18
CAAMFest 2018, Week One 05/10/18
Movie Review: Bye Bye Germany 05/03/18
Movie Review: Lives Well Lived 05/03/18
Movie Review: Cold Water 05/03/18
Movie Review: RBG 05/03/18
Movie Review: Ghost Stories 04/26/18
Movie Review: Zama 04/26/18
Movie Review: Godard Mon Amour 04/26/18
Movie Review: Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami 04/26/18
Movie Review: The Rider 04/18/18
Movie Review: 1945 04/18/18
Movie Review: The Endless 04/18/18
Movie Review: Kodachrome 04/18/18
Movie Review: You Were Never Really Here 04/11/18
Movie Review: Where Is Kyra? 04/11/18
61st San Francisco International Film Festival, Week Two 04/11/18
61st San Francisco International Film Festival, Week One 04/05/18
Movie Review: Itzhak 04/05/18
Movie Review: Big Fish & Begonia 04/05/18
Movie Review: Gemini 04/05/18
Movie Review: Ready Player One 03/28/18
Movie Review: The China Hustle 03/28/18
Movie Review: Final Portrait 03/28/18
Movie Review: Flower 03/21/18
Movie Review: Keep the Change 03/21/18
The Dark Side of the Dream 03/21/18
Movie Review: Foxtrot 03/15/18
Movie Review: The Leisure Seeker 03/15/18
Movie Review: Oh Lucy! 03/15/18
Movie Review: 24 Frames 03/15/18
Movie Review: Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story 03/08/18
Movie Review: Beuys 03/08/18
Movie Review: Submission 03/08/18
Movie Review: Leaning into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy 03/08/18
The 2018 Esseffies: The Movie Awards That Love You Back 02/28/18
Movie Review: Half Magic 02/22/18
Movie Review: The Party 02/22/18
Movie Review: Are We Not Cats 02/22/18
Movie Review: Have a Nice Day 02/22/18
Movie Review: Double Lover 02/14/18
Mostly British Film Festival 2018 02/14/18
Movie Review: In Between 02/14/18
Movie Review: Early Man 02/14/18
20th SF IndieFest, Week Two 02/07/18
Movie Review: A Fantastic Woman 02/07/18
Berlin & Beyond 2018 02/07/18
Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2018: Animated 02/07/18
The Divas Diaries: The Past, Present, and Possible Future of San Francisco’s Only Transgender Bar 02/07/18
20th SF IndieFest, Week One 01/31/18
The Cat Film Festival Is Coming to the Roxie! 01/24/18
Movie Review: Vazante 01/24/18
Movie Review: Mom and Dad 01/24/18
Movie Review: The Final Year 01/17/18
Movie Review: Small Town Crime 01/17/18
Movie Review: The Road Movie 01/17/18
Movie Review: In the Fade 01/10/18
Movie Review: Intent to Destroy 01/10/18
2017 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour 01/03/18
Movie Review: Happy End 01/03/18
Movie Review: Quest 01/03/18
2017’s Most Bingeworthy TV Shows 12/27/17
Movie Review: Antiporno 12/27/17
Year in Film: 2017 Movie Moments You Might Have Missed 12/20/17
Year in Film: Devin, The Drafthouse, and Me 12/20/17
Year in Film: The 10 Best Movies of 2017 12/20/17
Movie Review: The Greatest Showman 12/20/17
Movie Review: I, Tonya 12/20/17
Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi 12/13/17
Movie Review: Call Me By Your Name 12/13/17
Movie Review: Along for the Ride 12/13/17
Along for the Ride: A Tribute to Dennis Hopper 12/13/17
Holidays and Beyond: Film 12/06/17
Movie Review: Shadowman 12/06/17
Movie Review: The Other Side of Hope 12/06/17
Movie Review: The Disaster Artist 11/30/17
Movie Review: Thelma 11/30/17
Movie Review: Los Nadie (The Nobodies) 11/30/17
Movie Review: Dealt 11/30/17
Movie Review: Coco 11/20/17
Movie Review: The Divine Order 11/20/17
Movie Review: LA 92 11/15/17
Movie Review: My Friend Dahmer 11/15/17
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival 2017 11/08/17
Movie Review: Nails 11/08/17
Movie Review: Gilbert 11/08/17
Movie Review: Wait for Your Laugh 11/08/17
Doc Stories 2017 11/01/17
The French Had a Name For It 2017 11/01/17
Movie Review: Brimstone & Glory 11/01/17
Movie Review: The Departure 11/01/17
Movie Review: Jane 10/25/17
Movie Review: 78/52 10/25/17
Sparks on Celluloid: Haynes + Vachon, Week 3 10/25/17
Found Footage Festival 10/25/17
Movie Review: Tom of Finland 10/18/17
Movie Review: Dina 10/18/17
Movie Review: Wild 10/18/17
Sparks on Celluloid: Haynes + Vachon, Week 2 10/18/17
Movie Review: Ex Libris: The New York Public Library 10/11/17
Sparks on Celluloid: Haynes + Vachon, Week 1 10/11/17
Movie Review: The World of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Gets Epic 10/04/17
Movie Review: Lucky 10/04/17
Movie Review: Chavela 10/04/17
Movie Review: Loving Vincent 10/04/17
Movie Review: Napping Princess 09/27/17
Movie Review: Unrest 09/27/17
Hong Kong Cinema 2017 09/27/17
Fantastic Fest 2017 09/27/17
Movie Review: Zoology 09/20/17
Movie Review: The Tiger Hunter 09/20/17
Movie Review: The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin 09/20/17
Legacy Film Festival on Aging 2017 09/13/17
Movie Review: Rebel in the Rye 09/13/17
Movie Review: Polina 09/13/17
Movie Review: The Force 09/13/17
Tales from the 2017 J-POP SUMMIT Festival: Spheres, Darts, and Bros Cuppin’ Balls 09/11/17
Movie Review: Ladronas de Almas (Soul Robbers) 09/06/17
Movie Review: Dolores 09/06/17
Movie Review: The Teacher 09/06/17
Movie Review: Tokyo Idols 08/31/17
Movie Review: I Do…Until I Don’t 08/31/17
Movie Review: Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World 08/31/17
Japan Film Festival 2017 08/31/17
Fall Arts 2017: Film and Film Festivals 08/31/17
Movie Review: Gook 08/23/17
Movie Review: Unleashed 08/23/17
Movie Review: The Fencer 08/23/17
Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll ’67: The Hippie Temptation 08/16/17
Movie Review: Escapes 08/16/17
Movie Review: Dave Made a Maze 08/16/17
Movie Review: Marjorie Prime 08/16/17
Movie Review: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Magical Movie Night 08/09/17
Movie Review: Columbus 08/09/17
Movie Review: Brigsby Bear 08/02/17
Movie Review: The Untamed (La Region Salvaje) 08/02/17
Movie Review: Person to Person 08/02/17
Movie Review: Vida de Familia (Family Life) 07/27/17
Movie Review: Maurice 07/27/17
Movie Review: Landline 07/27/17
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 37, Week 2 07/27/17
Movie Review: Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge 07/19/17
Movie Review: Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story 07/19/17
Movie Review: Endless Poetry 07/19/17
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 37, Week 1 07/12/17
Movie Review: Battle Scars 07/12/17
Movie Review: Lost in Paris 07/12/17
Movie Review: Moscow Never Sleeps 07/12/17
Movie Review: Dawson City: Frozen Time 07/12/17
Movie Review: The Last Dalai Lama? 07/05/17
Movie Review: The Ornithologist 07/05/17
Movie Review: The Sea 07/05/17
Movie Review: The Little Hours 07/05/17
Movie Review: Moka 06/28/17
Movie Review: The Journey 06/28/17
Movie Review: Nowhere to Hide 06/28/17
Joe Dante’s “The Movie Orgy,” at the Roxie 06/28/17
Frameline 41, Week 2 06/21/17
Movie Review: The Bad Batch 06/21/17
Movie Review: Manifesto 06/21/17
Movie Review: Distancias Cortas (Walking Distance) 06/21/17
Movie Review: The Women’s Balcony 06/15/17
Movie Review: Letters From Baghdad 06/15/17
Movie Review: The Hero 06/15/17
Frameline 41, Week 1 06/15/17
Movie Review: Abacus: Small Enough to Jail 06/07/17
SF DocFest, Week 2 06/07/17
SF DocFest, Week 1 05/31/17
Movie Review: Churchill 05/31/17
Movie Review: Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk 05/31/17
San Francisco Silent Film Festival 05/31/17
Summer Movies of 2017: Ticket, Torrent, Stream It 05/24/17
Movie Review: The Commune 05/24/17
Movie Review: Wakefield 05/24/17
Movie Review: Radio Dreams 05/17/17
Movie Review: Prevenge 05/17/17
Movie Review: Like Crazy 05/17/17
Movie Review: Angkor Awakens: A Portrait of Cambodia 05/17/17
Movie Review: Bang! The Bert Berns Story 05/10/17
Movie Review: One Week and a Day 05/10/17
Movie Review: God Knows Where I Am 05/10/17
Movie Review: Obit 05/10/17
Movie Review: The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki 05/03/17
Movie Review: Buster’s Mal Heart 05/03/17
A Rare Noir Is Good to Find 2 05/03/17
Movie Review: A Quiet Passion 05/03/17
Movie Review: David Lynch: The Art Life 04/26/17
Movie Review: Finding Oscar 04/26/17
Movie Review: I Called Him Morgan 04/26/17
Green Film Festival 2017 04/19/17
My Little Backstory: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pony 04/12/17
Movie Review: Truman 04/12/17
Movie Review: Cezanne et Moi 04/12/17
60th San Francisco International Film Festival, Week Two 04/12/17
Spring Arts Guide: Screens 04/05/17
Movie Review: The Void 04/05/17
60th San Francisco International Film Festival 04/05/17
Movie Review: In Search of Israeli Cuisine 03/29/17
Movie Review: For Here or to Go? 03/29/17
10th Annual Disposable Film Festival 03/29/17
Movie Review: After the Storm 03/29/17
Movie Review: Bird on a Wire 03/22/17
Movie Review: American Anarchist 03/22/17
Movie Review: Frantz 03/22/17
Movie Review: This Beautiful Fantastic 03/16/17
Movie Review: San Francisco Cable Cars 03/16/17
Movie Review: Love & Taxes 03/16/17
Movie Review: Mr. Gaga 03/08/17
CAAMFest 2017 03/08/17
Movie Review: The Ottoman Lieutenant 03/08/17
Movie Review: Staying Vertical 03/02/17
Movie Review: Land of Mine 03/02/17
Movie Review: KEDi 03/02/17
Movie Review: Punching Henry 02/22/17
Noise Pop 25 02/15/17
The 2017 Esseffies 02/15/17
Movie Review: The Lure 02/15/17
Movie Review: Stray Bullets 02/09/17
Oscar Nominated Short Films 2017: Live Action 02/09/17
Oscar Nominated Short Films 2017: Animated 02/09/17
Movie Review: The Salesman 02/01/17
Movie Review: I Am Not Your Negro 02/01/17
Movie Review: Midsummer in Newtown 02/01/17
19th SF IndieFest 02/01/17
Movie Review: The Red Turtle 01/26/17
Movie Review: Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo 01/26/17
Movie Review: Speed Sisters 01/26/17
Movie Review: Tenemos La Carne (We Are the Flesh) 01/26/17
Winter Arts Guide: Film 01/26/17
Movie Review: Toni Erdmann 01/18/17
Movie Review: Saving Banksy 01/18/17
Movie Review: Smile Again, Jenny Lee 01/18/17
Movie Review: 100 Streets 01/12/17
Movie Review: Neruda 01/12/17
Movie Review: Chronic 01/12/17
Movie Review: Videofilia (and Other Viral Syndromes) 01/05/17
Year in Film: ‘Ain’t No Bitches Gonna Hunt No Ghosts’: The Web Vs. Ghostbusters 12/28/16
Year in Film: Movie Moments You Might Have Missed This Year 12/28/16
Year in Film: 2017 Movies We’re Looking Forward To 12/28/16
Year in Film: The 10 Best Movies of 2016 12/28/16
2016’s Most Bingeworthy New TV Shows 12/28/16
Movie Review: Long Way North 12/28/16
Movie Review: Off the Rails 12/15/16
Movie Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 12/15/16
Movie Review: The Brand New Testament 12/15/16
Movie Review: Kiki: El Amor Se Hace (Kiki: Love To Love) 12/15/16
Movie Review: Theo Who Lived 12/15/16
Movie Review: Mifune: The Last Samurai 12/08/16
Movie Review: Evolution 12/08/16
Movie Review: Old Stone 12/08/16
Movie Review: Daughters of the Dust 12/01/16
Movie Review: Ovation! 12/01/16
Movie Review: Twilight Sparkle Forever: The Cultural Significance of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree 11/23/16
Movie Review: Seasons 11/23/16
Movie Review: Sr. Pig (Mr. Pig) 11/23/16
Movie Review: Always Shine 11/23/16
Movie Review: Don’t Call Me Son 11/17/16
Movie Review: Tampopo 11/17/16
Movie Review: I Am Not Madame Bovary 11/17/16
Movie Review: The Similars (Los Parecidos) 11/10/16
Movie Review: Fire at Sea 11/10/16
Movie Review: Tower 11/03/16
Movie Review: Gimme Danger 11/03/16
Movie Review: We Are X 10/26/16
Movie Review: The Handmaiden 10/26/16
Movie Review: reVISIONS 10/20/16
Movie Review: Christine 10/20/16
Movie Review: Command and Control 10/12/16
Movie Review: A Man Called Ove 10/12/16
Movie Review: Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence) 10/12/16
Mill Valley Film Festival 39 10/05/16
Movie Review: Girl Asleep 10/05/16
Movie Review: The Lennon Report 10/05/16
Movie Review: The Hollow 10/05/16
Movie Review: Cameraperson 09/28/16
Movie Review: The Lovers and the Despot 09/28/16
Movie Review: Danny Says 09/28/16
Movie Review: Spa Night 09/28/16
Movie Review: Goat 09/21/16
Movie Review: Kampai! For the Love of Sake 09/21/16
Movie Review: Best Fake Friends 09/21/16
Movie Review: Silicon Cowboys 09/14/16
Movie Review: Max Rose 09/14/16
Movie Review: Racing to Zero 09/14/16
Movie Review: Demon 09/14/16
Cine+Más San Francisco Latino Film Festival 09/14/16
Movie Review: Author: The JT LeRoy Story 09/07/16
Movie Review: For the Love of Spock 09/07/16
Movie Review: Kicks 09/07/16
Movie Review: Other People 09/07/16
Movie Review: Elevator to the Gallows 09/07/16
Movie Review: Yoga Hosers 08/31/16
Movie Review: In Order of Disappearance 08/31/16
Movie Review: Mia Madre 08/31/16
Movie Review: Complete Unknown 08/31/16
Movie Review: The Hollars 08/31/16
Fall Arts 2016 08/31/16
Fall Arts 2016: Film Festivals 08/31/16
Movie Review: Ghost Team 08/24/16
Movie Review: The Intervention 08/24/16
Movie Review: Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World 08/17/16
Movie Review: Eva Hesse 08/17/16
Movie Review: Ovarian Psycos 08/17/16
Movie Review: Miss Sharon Jones! 08/10/16
Movie Review: Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt 08/10/16
Movie Review: Little Men 08/10/16
Movie Review: Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You 08/03/16
Movie Review: All of Me (Llévate Mis Amores) 08/03/16
Movie Review: Suicide Squad 08/03/16
Movie Review: Tallulah 07/27/16
Movie Review: The Witness 07/27/16
Tales from the 2016 J-POP SUMMIT Festival: Space Toilets, Zombie Kitties, and the New Vocaloid in Town 07/25/16
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 36 07/20/16
Movie Review: Breaking a Monster 07/20/16
Movie Review: The Blackout Experiments 07/20/16
World Order @ Fort Mason Center (as Alan Smithee) 07/20/16
J-POP Star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on Her Music, Her Image, and Her Olympian Aspirations 07/18/16
Movie Review: Seoul Searching 07/13/16
Movie Review: Microbe & Gasoline 07/13/16
Movie Review: From This Day Forward 07/13/16
Movie Review: The Innocents 07/06/16
Movie Review: From Afar 07/06/16
Movie Review: Last Cab to Darwin 07/06/16
Movie Review: Cosmos 07/06/16
Movie Review: Nuts! 07/06/16
Movie Review: Zero Days 07/06/16
Movie Review: Wedding Doll 06/29/16
Movie Review: Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words 06/29/16
Movie Review: The Neon Demon 06/22/16
Movie Review: Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero 06/22/16
Movie Review: Therapy For A Vampire 06/22/16
Movie Review: Three 06/22/16
Movie Review: The Fits 06/15/16
Movie Review: Gurukulam 06/15/16
Movie Review: Golden Kingdom 06/15/16
Movie Review: Tikkun 06/15/16
Frameline 40 06/15/16
Movie Review: Chevalier 06/08/16
Movie Review: Honeyglue 06/08/16
SF DocFest, Week Two 06/08/16
Movie Review: The Final Master 06/01/16
Movie Review: The Measure of a Man 06/01/16
Movie Review: Ma Ma 06/01/16
Movie Review: Presenting Princess Shaw 06/01/16
Movie Review: The American Side 06/01/16
SF DocFest, Week One 06/01/16
Movie Review: Weiner 05/25/16
Movie Review: The Idol 05/25/16
Movie Review: A Monster with a Thousand Heads 05/25/16
Movie Review: Almost Holy 05/25/16
Movie Review: Sunset Song 05/25/16
Movie Review: Our Last Tango 05/18/16
Movie Review: Welcome to Happiness 05/18/16
Summer Movies of 2016: Fuck, Marry, Kill 05/11/16
Movie Review: High-Rise 05/11/16
Movie Review: Kill Zone 2 05/11/16
Movie Review: Dark Horse 05/11/16
Movie Review: Neon Bull 05/04/16
Movie Review: Dragon Inn 05/04/16
Movie Review: Phantom of the Theatre 05/04/16
Movie Review: Viva 05/04/16
Movie Review: Francofonia 04/27/16
Movie Review: Valley of Love 04/27/16
Movie Review: Dough 04/27/16
Movie Review: Pali Road 04/27/16
10 Picks for the San Francisco International Film Festival, Week Two (April 28 – May 5) 04/27/16
Movie Review: Louder Than Bombs 04/20/16
Movie Review: The Winding Stream 04/20/16
Movie Review: My Big Night 04/20/16
Movie Review: Elvis & Nixon 04/20/16
10 Picks for the San Francisco International Film Festival, Week One (April 21-27) 04/20/16
Movie Review: The First Monday in May 04/13/16
Movie Review: Fireworks Wednesday 04/13/16
Movie Review: Standing Tall 04/13/16
Movie Review: A Space Program 04/13/16
Movie Review: Sold 04/13/16
Movie Review: Miles Ahead 04/06/16
Movie Review: My Golden Days 04/06/16
Movie Review: Sweet Bean 04/06/16
Takahata’s Studio Ghibli 04/06/16
Movie Review: Marguerite 03/30/16
Movie Review: Take Me to the River 03/30/16
Movie Review: I Saw the Light 03/30/16
Movie Review: Eisenstein In Guanajuato 03/23/16
Movie Review: City of Gold 03/23/16
Movie Review: Krisha 03/23/16
Movie Review: Creative Control 03/16/16
Movie Review: Ella Es Ramona 03/16/16
Movie Review: Here Come the Videofreex 03/16/16
Movie Review: Trapped 03/16/16
Movie Review: A Haunting in Cawdor 03/09/16
Movie Review: Mountains May Depart 03/09/16
Movie Review: Bleak Street 03/09/16
Movie Review: Knight of Cups 03/09/16
CAAMFest 2016 03/09/16
Movie Review: Requiem for the American Dream 03/02/16
Movie Review: The Wave 03/02/16
Movie Review: The Incident 03/02/16
Movie Review: Zootopia 03/02/16
The 2016 Esseffies: The Film Awards that Tell It Like It Is 02/24/16
Movie Review: The Last Man on the Moon 02/24/16
Movie Review: Embrace of the Serpent 02/24/16
Movie Review: The Club 02/17/16
Movie Review: A War 02/17/16
Mostly British Film Festival 02/17/16
The Power That Was 02/10/16
Movie Review: Where to Invade Next 02/10/16
Movie Review: Southbound 02/10/16
Movie Review: Rams 02/10/16
18th SF IndieFest 02/10/16
Movie Review: 4th Man Out 02/02/16
Movie Review: The Finest Hours 01/27/16
Oscar Nominated Short Films 2016: Live Action 01/27/16
Oscar Nominated Short Films 2016: Animated 01/27/16
Movie Review: The Golden Dream 01/27/16
Movie Review: 45 Years 01/27/16
Movie Review: The Lady in the Van 01/20/16
Movie Review: Aferim! 01/20/16
Movie Review: Ip Man 3 01/20/16
Movie Review: All Mistakes Buried 01/20/16
2016 Winter Arts Guide: Film 01/20/16
Noir City 14 01/20/16
Movie Review: Band of Robbers 01/13/16
Movie Review: Lamb 01/13/16
Movie Review: Flowers 01/13/16
Film Festival: Berlin & Beyond 01/13/16
Movie Review: Son of Saul 01/13/16
Movie Review: Censored Voices 01/06/16
Movie Review: The Revenant 01/06/16
Sundance Film Festival 2015 Award-Winning Shorts 12/30/15
Movie Review: Queen of Earth 12/30/15
2015 Movies You Can Stream at Home 12/30/15
Year in Film: The 10 Best Movies of 2015 12/23/15
Year in Film: The Internet vs. Jem and the Holograms 12/23/15
Year in Film: Spinoffs We’d Like To See 12/23/15
Year in Film: Moments You Might Have Missed 12/23/15
Movie Review: Mustang 12/23/15
The 2015 Voice Film Critics’ Poll: Votes by Sherilyn Connelly 12/17/15
Movie Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens 12/16/15
Star Wars‘ San Francisco Roots 12/16/15
Far, Far Away, and Yet So Close: Science Fiction in San Francisco 12/16/15
Movie Review: Every Thing Will Be Fine 12/16/15
Movie Review: In Jackson Heights 12/16/15
A Sneak Peek Inside the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission 12/10/15
Movie Review: Bleeding Heart 12/09/15
Movie Review: Hitchcock/Truffaut 12/09/15
Movie Review: Youth 12/09/15
Movie Review: The Quay Brothers on 35MM: Curated by Christopher Nolan 12/09/15
New on Video: Sea Serpents and She-Creatures in Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXIV 12/08/15
New on Video: Ruthless Redford in Downhill Racer 12/03/15
Movie Review: Bikes vs. Cars 12/02/15
Movie Review: Janis: Little Girl Blue 12/02/15
Movie Review: The Pearl Button 12/02/15
Movie Review: The Forbidden Room 11/25/15
Movie Review: Rififi 11/25/15
Movie Review: The Wonders 11/25/15
New on Video: Down and Dirty Dylan in Don’t Look Back 11/24/15
Movie Review: Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict 11/18/15
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Must See: Total Recall 10/01/07
Some Links May Be NSFW: The 2008 GayVN Awards 02/22/08
Going to Church: Rifftrax Live at the Castro Theater 01/28/08
What a Swell Party This Is: Three Moustache Rides at the Castro Theater 12/13/07
Remaster and Servant (On Not Quite Seeing Star Trek: The Menagerie in the Theater) 11/21/07
Making Us All That Much More Stupid: Bad Movie Night at The Dark Room 11/09/07
The Definition of Unwarranted: Appreciating the Slow, Boring Star Trek Movie 07/20/07
Your Pocket Vibrator and You 05/25/07
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back: A Personal History of Twin Peaks 04/06/07
Second Life and the Vision Thing 02/20/07
That’s What I Like: Remastered Analog Music 02/16/07
Second Life and the Stupid White Man’s Burden, Part Three: Guni’s Condescension 02/07/07
Second Life and the Stupid White Man’s Burden, Part Two: Grief’s Interjection 01/29/07
Second Life and the Stupid White Man’s Burden, Part One: Anshe’s Ascension 01/22/07
Second Life and the Fourth Estate, Part Two: A Stupid Kind of Benevolence 01/15/07
Second Life and the Fourth Estate 01/08/07
Second Life, Snowballing and Solstice 12/25/06
Second Life, Activism, and the Digital Arena 12/18/06
Second Life, Sony, and Suzanne 12/11/06

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